Use Google to read PDFs instead of Acrobat Reader? For security, yes.

It is becoming more widely known that PDFs are a vector for malware that can wind up on your computer. But you have many options for viewing PDFs without resorting to the back door otherwise known as Adobe Reader. For instance, Google's Chrome PDF viewer.

verbotenYou probably didn't want the malware anyway, we're guessing. And as Make Use Of reports, unless you need Adobe Reader's advanced capabilities, such as signing documents, getting rid of it altogether is not just feasible - it's a good idea.

And if you need those features (occasionally), don't use Adobe Reader unless you have to. Those features are hackable. And frequently hacked.

Instead, use something like the Chrome browser's own PDF viewer, which has no hackable features, so it doesn't expose your OS to anything malignant. The recommended Chrome PDF Viewer is an extension by SoftGateOn which probably came with built into your version of Chrome, but if not, you can add it by launching this url from within the browser.

Chrome’s PDF viewer doesn’t have many features. Or rather, it has basically none...but it is fast. And secure.

Firefox and Safari also have PDF viewers, as does Microsoft's native Edge browser, all of which extend a similar security benefit - they, too, are bereft of hackable 'features.'

You can even make Google Chrome your default PDF viewer: right-click your PDF, and select Properties. Select Change, followed by Google Chrome, then click Apply. Mac users can also use Apple's versatile Preview app as their default or alternate PDF viewer.

You have many options - any of which you should choose over Acrobat Reader, an all-too-often unlocked backdoor to your system.