Secure IT services for small and midsized businesses

Backup and Data Recovery

We are all alert to the world we live in, one in which bots and hackers attempt to disrupt business operations, or steal data. Trust CommSat's standards-compliant methods to secure your network and data.


We're Clear on the Cloud

In an age when your data needs to be available to you no matter where all your devices are located, our full, private, and hybrid cloud solutions provide full connectivity, so you're in touch with all your data, all the time.


On-Demand and Remote IT

It's not just for tech 911 emergencies, anymore. We can make IT work - and keep it working - using us as your IT department. Secure remote technology means no travel costs and delays, and maximum uptime.


To be competitive, your business today depends on scaling your communication infrastructure, erasing the walls around traditional communication silos - both internal and with your customers. How do you communicate your advantages in a 'cloud' economy that looks more like fog. We admit, it's not easy. But it's not impossible, either - we do it every day for hundreds of clients working from offices throughout the US. We can do it for you, too. Call us at:


VoIP Telephone Systems

Cutting the cord and switching to a VoIP telephone system isn’t just for big business. With lower equipment and service costs, it’s smart business. Find out how a VoIP system can provide higher efficiency and more features - all at lower cost.


Security Camera Systems

Monitor your workplace orpremises or home with a CommSat security camera system that provides real time remote monitoring – all configured for robust security, vandal-resistant, hardened against IoT vulnerabilities. Includes night vision.



It is a truth that most small businesses believe they are either too small to be a target of a security attack, or that they are adequately protected. Almost every business today is dependent on the internet for some aspect of their business - and that makes them (you) a target.  Sources: Wired,, Verizon.



Businesses with fewer than 100 employees breached, double the rate of companies with 500 employees!


Percentage of small businesses whose networks were breached by malware, often sent to your most reliable employees.


Percentage of small business PC's and workstations that lack even minimal malware / spyware protection.

Even worse

Percentage of businesses that believe they have taken adequate measures to secure their workstations and networks.

Recent News, Reviews, and more

  • As if the vulnerabilites in our software weren't enough to keep us up at night, how about the hardware - the CPU itself? The Intel and AMD CPU's that drive your computer (and the internet) are themselves vulnerable. That is not a ...

    10 January 2018
  • Security software of any kind resides in the deepest recesses of your computer, beneath the operating system. Can you trust it? Even if you trust the developer, the software itself could be vulnerable to malicious third parties. The New York Times ...

    02 January 2018
  • It is becoming more widely known that PDFs are a vector for malware that can wind up on your computer. But you have many options for viewing PDFs without resorting to the back door otherwise known as Adobe Reader. For instance, Google's Chrome PDF ...

    02 October 2017
  • Two factor authentication is one of the most important advances in securing your most important online accounts, especially after the Equifax apocalypse. But if you are receiving your two-factor codes by SMS, you are opening a front door to thieves ...

    19 September 2017


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