Business Security Systems

Security is a key element of any responsible business strategy

CommSat security systems for business provide affordable safeguards for your workplace and business premises with real-time remote monitoring.

You gain professional, reliable business security that preserves your livelihood, maintains your productivity, protects your property, and ensures your overall peace of mind.

What is an IP surveillance camera system?

An internet protocol surveillance (IP surveillance) camera system is an electronic system that digitally records video content for distribution via an IP network. CommSat installs and maintains high definition (HD) surveillance camera systems for businesses of all sizes.

What is an Internet Protocol (IP) Camera?

An internet protocol camera (also known as an IP camera), is a category of video camera that digitally gathers and delivers image data via the internet. IP cameras are typically used as security surveillance systems. IP cameras only require a local area network, instead of a local recording device. CommSat IP Surveillance solutions provide your business with remotely-accessible surveillance, and the reassurance of alerts for motion disturbances, break-ins and dangerous situations.

What is an Analog Security Camera?

Analog security cameras are a proven, reliable security tool and established industry standard because they deliver consistent reliable results. When combined with digital video recorders, today’s analog security cameras enable users to easily monitor their cameras remotely in real time, or to review recorded video footage on a laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

Surveillance Security Cameras

We install and maintain only business-class commercial brands of surveillance systems and configure them to provide:

  • Fast and easy search of events
  • Easy data offload for authorities
  • Vandal resistance
  • Defense against IoT vulnerabilities
  • Remote notification and viewing
  • Night vision capabilities
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