VoIP Phone Systems

CommSat’s VoIP telephone system: A productivity-enhancing solution with no contracts!

As companies of all sizes seek to increase workforce mobility, control equipment and service costs, and enhance overall efficiency, VoIP phone service is a proven productivity-enhancing solution.

Definition and benefits of VoIP phone service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as IP telephony, is a method and technology-protocol that delivers voice communications and multi-media meetings over the internet, also known as an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

CommSat-hosted VoIP phone service integrates your local and long-distance telephone service with your internet service to provide a managed, full-featured communications platform. You gain a customizable communication experience – typically with no changes to your existing network – that enables seamless interaction from across the room or around the globe.

From voice-only communication to collaborative multi-media meetings between your employees, vendors and customers, VoIP phone systems streamline and enhance your business communications.

Cutting the telephone cord and switching to a VoIP system isn’t just for big business. Lower equipment and service costs make it desirable for firms of all sizes.

It’s time to experience a scalable and flexible VoIP phone service solution, and free your business from the hardware constraints and rigid contracts that traditional telecoms require. As your VoIP service provider, we will implement a modern VoIP solution that fulfills your specific communication needs – at a fraction of the fees you currently pay for insufficient, outmoded telephone service.

Unified approach and single source support enhances productivity and ensures peace of mind

When your network and VoIP communications platform are provided and maintained by one reliable source, you’ll avoid the hassles of non-productive “finger-pointing” among multiple vendors, and enjoy peace of mind that all your systems are responsibly maintained in your best interest.

VoIP enables cost-effective growth

Remote IT and VoIP communications also enable your business to cost-effectively grow and expand into new geographic areas. To fully experience the value of VoIP, ask us how we can integrate a VoIP phone service solution into your remote technology strategy.

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