The services you need....when you need them

We provide services designed to extend your existing IT resources - by providing support only as it's need to deal with peak loads, emergencies, and security. CommSat deploys the same talent for these on-demand services as we provide to our Managed IT customers. We only have one team, the 'A' team. Typically, on-demand requests include:

On Site IT
Face-to-face interaction for troubleshooting, repairs, updates, installations, configuration, and more.

Remote IT
Live troubleshooting when the task is doesn't allow for (or require) on-site intervention.

Telephone support
Fast troubleshooting and problem solving.



Non-emergency updates, installations, and maintenance.

Make us part of your team for major upgrades and rollouts.



Along with Tech911 emergencies, we provide several structured plans pre-purchased in five- or ten-hour blocks, do not expire, and are renewable. These blocks are sold at a discount over Tech911 emergency calls (even when you are calling in the middle of the night with an emergency), so you gain a measure of control over your IT costs. Some of this time may be (wisely) used for preventive work, before there is an emergency.