Remote IT

Network pros across the US rely on CommSat to be their IT department.

Many years of experience given us the ability to provide full service IT support at dramatically lower cost than retaining a permanent staff or on-site contractor. Our secure remote service bridge allows us to perform services without staff overhead, onsite disruption, or even travel costs. And this experience - and the wide range of services we provide - allows us to identify problems before they become problems.

Technical Support

Connect to our technical staff through a secure connection to our support website. We provide a secure session ID code, you are connected in seconds and begin your technical support session! Over-the-phone and on-screen services are there to resolve issues quickly. Before disconnecting we have you test everything to make sure you’re all set!

CommSat Remote IT delivers rapid response, without the costs and time commitments associated with on-site visits. For those issues needing on-site visits, we are there and will provide excellent service as needed.


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