Managed IT Services

Dedicated IT Monitoring & Support at a Budget-friendly Monthly Investment

One of our most popular service delivery model, CommSat Managed IT Services provides dedicated technology monitoring and support for your business – all for a predictable, budget-friendly monthly investment.

Integrated technology is a fundamental component of our modern business world. CommSat Managed IT Services feature CommSat 360 Client Care, which enables your technology to keep pace with ever-changing business demands. You gain reliable, comprehensive, remote IT support for your specific operational needs – including hardware, software, real-time monitoring, maintenance, antivirus & security, cloud configuration, file sync & share, backup and restoration – all for a single, predictable monthly cost.

Network professionals across the U.S. rely on CommSat as their dedicated IT department.

CommSat is Your Source for Full-service, Cost-effective IT Support

Our vast IT and technical expertise and experience ensures that you gain full-service IT support for a significantly lower investment than retaining a permanent staff member or on-site contractor. Our secure CommSat remote service bridge delivers rapid support in real time, eliminating onsite disruptions and travel costs. It also helps to proactively identify potential issues and address them before they become greater problems.

Your CommSat Managed IT Services package includes:

CommSat 360 Client Care, featuring:

  • Technical Support – Direct screen and phone access to technical staff through our secure support portal
  • 24x7 Real-time Monitoring – Consistent support for your servers & workstations
  • Managed Antivirus & Security – Dependable protection for your network and devices
  • Remote Backup & Storage - Fully-encrypted remote backup is your best defense against losing data to software corruption, hardware failures, ransomware and other cyber-threats
  • Scheduled Services – Maintain, update, optimize, secure and ensure compliance for all your devices
  • File Sync & Share – Data collaboration for your staff

Advantages of CommSat Managed IT Services:

  • Unlock the full value and potential of your existing technology investment
  • Liberate your IT staff to focus on delivering critical services for your clients
  • Control your monthly and overall IT costs
  • Maintain the reliability of your IT infrastructure

Increase Your Benefits with our Managed-Plus IT Service package

You can augment the value of CommSat 360 Client Care remote support with our Managed-Plus IT Service package, which provides the additional benefit of on-site support each month.

Learn more about Managed-Plus IT Services

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