Managed-Plus IT Services

Dedicated Remote AND On-site IT Support at a Budget-friendly Monthly Price

Our CommSat Managed-Plus IT Services package offers all the benefits of Managed IT Services, PLUS hours as you need of on-site support each month, to provide you with the greatest overall value for your needs.

Your CommSat Managed IT-Plus Services package includes:

  • CommSat 360 Client Care, featuring:
    • Technical Support – Direct screen and phone access to technical staff through our secure support portal
    • 24x7 Real-time Monitoring – Consistent support for your servers & workstations
    • Managed Antivirus & Security – Dependable protection for your network and devices
    • Scheduled Services – Maintain, update, optimize, secure and ensure compliance for all your devices
    • File Sync & Share – Data collaboration for your staff
  • PLUS: Designated hours On-site support each month
    • For issues that require on-site support, we come to you and provide prompt, excellent, courteous service.

Advantages of CommSat Managed IT-Plus Services:

  • All the advantages of CommSat Managed IT Services, PLUS:
  • On-site, in-person support from our dedicated, local CommSat IT professionals
  • The perfect balance for your company’s day to day needs
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