On Demand IT Services

Service As You Need It – Remote or On-site

CommSat's Service As You Need It provides the benefit of prompt, reliable, secure support as you need it for your firm’s essential day to day IT and technical service needs, as well as special IT projects such as technology upgrades and rollouts.

Many clients initially contact us to troubleshoot specific issues or to strategize and implement next steps as their technology requirements change and their business grows in today’s competitive marketplace. IT managers and leaders of businesses of all sizes value the full-service range of IT and technical services our CommSat team offers – and they appreciate our prompt, personal service.

Prompt, Reliable, Secure Support

Service as you need it is designed to augment your existing IT personnel and resources by providing support as you need it to manage peak loads, emergencies, and security. We deploy the same talent to execute on-demand services that we provide for customers of our popular Managed IT and Managed IT Plus Services.

CommSat clients are primarily located throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine; yet geography doesn’t hinder or delay our ability to provide cost-effective IT services and technical solutions to remote business teams throughout the U.S.

CommSat On-Demand IT Services typically include:

  • On Site IT – In-person support for troubleshooting, repair, updates, installation, configuration, and more
  • Remote IT – Live real-time troubleshooting for tasks that don’t allow for (or require) on-site intervention
  • Telephone Support – Fast troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Scheduled IT Services – Non-emergency updates, installations & routine preventive maintenance
  • Special Projects – CommSat would be a valued productive part of your team for major upgrades & rollouts
  • Servers and Workstations – Support, maintenance and troubleshooting for these front-line systems
  • Warranty & Non-warranty Support – For 99% of all technology hardware brands

Advantages of CommSat Services as you need it:

  • Flexible, dependable IT services –Via a secure support portal, or on-site
  • Swift, local support from our courteous local team of IT experts
  • Secure remote technology eliminates travel costs or delays
  • Remote support maximizes uptime consistency for your IT infrastructure

Other Options for Convenient, Affordable IT & Technical Support

Structured Plans – We also offer structured plans available for pre-purchase in 10 to 25-hour blocks. These plans do not expire and are renewable, to help control your IT costs. Frequently, clients invest proactively in preventive maintenance, to avoid the downtime and other associated costs of emergency IT issues.

Packaged IT Management Services – Many of our clients choose to take advantage of our convenient, affordable, comprehensive packaged service options to gain the dedicated support they need – all for one predictable, budget-friendly monthly investment.

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